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About Us

½-Price Boxes is the best place to get the stuff you need to move, ship and store things successfully. That’s likely over-simplified, but it’s cleaner and more concise than listing everything we do. We supply shipping and moving supplies, from boxes and packing tape to dollies and blankets, at cut-rate prices. Whether you are moving yourself, in the moving business, or need packaging to ship something across town or to another city, ½-Price Boxes is here to help.

Founded in 2004 on the belief that moving items from one destination to another can be affordable and enjoyable, we utilize our industry knowledge and experience to meet every customer's shipping and packaging needs. Shipping supplies come in various shapes and sizes, and the right choices decrease costs and ensure the goods arrive safely, too. Our mission to offer affordable, customer-focused moving and shipping services has helped us grow to thirteen locations across Texas. Even if you’re not sure what’s needed to get the job done, our highly trained team members can talk with you to learn what you want to be accomplished. We use the word “fun” a lot, so if you need shipping and moving supplies, or just want to chat about an upcoming job or move, we can make the seemingly complicated more understandable and get what you need without any fuss.

To learn more about what we do, give us a call.

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