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Moving Dollies

Most people are not built for lifting heavy furniture or large appliances without assistance. Attempting to move them on your own can lead to damage and injury. Even with the help of a second person, gripping the corners of a washing machine and lifting the appliance results in an unevenly distributed load, which is a safety concern. With equipment from 1/2 Price Boxes, you can lift and move items safely, securely and in a fraction of the time it would take by yourself. Braces, back straps, and dollies help to distribute weight better during moves.


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2 Items
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Name (L x W x H)   Individual 2 Dollies 4 Dollies - Bdl/Unit Qty  
H-Dolly 30" X 18" X 7"

Heavy Duty Dolly w/4 inch wheels holds up to1000#

$91.42 $91.42 $91.42 - 1/4

This item is available In Store only.Locations

Shoulder Dolly 144" X 5"

Ideal for Moving Applances & Furniture

$59.08 $50.73 $44.76 - 1/4

This item is available In Store only.Locations

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2 Items

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