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Cardboard Shipping & Mailer Boxes

The foundation of every successful business is a superior product, but the first thing a recipient sees is packaging. When selecting packaging, you’re not only making sure an item arrives safely, but you also have a chance to create a positive experience for the person opening the box.

Add value to your shipments with assistance from ½-Price Boxes, a leading supplier of high-quality, low-cost shipping boxes that can be delivered to your door. With more than 200 different styles of boxes and related packing supplies, we can help you ship items safely and effectively while keeping costs down.

Key to a successful shipment is pairing an item with the right box. A poorly selected box can contribute to damage, negatively impacting a recipient’s experience. At ½-Price Boxes, we can supply a range of boxes suited for your unique needs. Please see our full list of sizes.

Whether you are shipping a cherished item to a loved one, an eCommerce seller or operate a brick-and-mortar storefront, ½-Price Boxes can help you deliver items to safely and affordably.

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